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    Brief introduction of union screw type

    There are many types of union button type , among which the nut button type is the most common form. Here is a brief introduction to the different types of nut button type union. American-made trapezoidal thread ACME, different pipe diamete...

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    Brief introduction of drilling tools

    The composition of drilling tools: The drilling tool mainly includes the basic drill string part such as kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, stabilizer, matching joint, etc. 1. Straight well: square drill pipe + protection joint + drill pipe +...

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    Introduction to API 16D Hose

    The blowout preventer is a safe sealed wellhead device to prevent blowout accidents, and is an important part of ensuring the safety of petroleum engineering. The opening and closing of the wellhead blowout preventer is controlled by a remo...

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    Precautions for chemical degreasing of drilling pipes

    Drilling pipe is a kind of pipe that is often used in the drilling department, but when it is used, it will generally be pickled and passivated to make the surface of the pipe better. However, when performing the pickling and passivation pr...

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    Introduction of hammer union

    Hammer union is a joint used in the oil drilling industry to connect pipes quickly and easily. Also known as high-pressure hammer union orhammer union joints, hammer union models are divided according to the type and pressure of the connect...

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    Introduction to high pressure hammer union

    High pressure hammer union is a common product in the drilling pipe industry. As a professional manufacturer of drilling products, we will introduce our companys high pressure hammer union. 1. Product introduction The high pressure is impor...

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    Introduction of drilling hose

    Rotary Drilling Hose is the customary name for rotary drilling and shock absorption rubber hoses, and it is also commonly called drilling equipment hose and water hose. In geological and petroleum rotary drilling, high-pressure fluid slurry...

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    The ADIPEC exhibition ended successfully

    Last month we participated in the exhibition held in the UAE and achieved great success. At the exhibition, we fully demonstrated our drilling products to our customers, and answered many related questions from customers. Below are some liv...

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